A newly-shaven David Axelrod and Alex Castellanos at Friday's Key to the Cure Epilepsy fundraiser. (Courtesy of Bruce Vartan/WHCInsider )

Gentlemen, guard your mustaches: The Slash the Stache movement is coming to Washington, and no upper lip is safe.

The most famous mustache in America — David Axelrod’s 40-year-old crumb catcher — was shaved Friday morning after MSNBC host Joe Scarborough raised $1 million for epilepsy research. Twelve hours later, Axelrod’s clean-shaven face made its Washington debut at the Georgetown home of Jefferson Hotel owner Connie Milstein.

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous,” said Milstein. “He looks 10 years younger.”

Axelrod, 57, was trying to adjust to his new status. “It feels. . . odd,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever shaved my mustache in my life. As I recall, the mustache grew in and I just never shaved it — until today. When I look in the mirror it’s kind of strange.”

Now Axelrod’s sometime doppelganger, CNN pundit Alex Castellanos, has offered to shave his mustache if 500 more donors contribute to the cause by the end of the year.

“For a Cuban to give up his mustache — that’s like giving up cigars,” said Castellanos. “It’s all David Axelrod’s fault; he has thrown his mustache brothers under the bus.”

“There’s not a whisker out of my sight now,” Axelrod told us. “I’m looking for new subjects. The thing about Alex that is so heartening is that there are bigger things than Republicans and Democrats. Our common humanity is much bigger than that.”

Joe Biden chats with Susan Axelrod at Friday's party. (Bruce Vartan/WHCInsider )

So we turned to Axelrod’s wife of 33 years. Susan Axelrod had never seen, much less kissed, her husband without his mustache. So?

“Fabulous,” she said. Her husband hasn’t ruled out another mustache, but don’t hold your breath — Susan has the final say: “I would like to give it a good long time before growing it back.”

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