William and Kate greet well-wishers last week during a surprise visit to Belfast. (Julien Behal/AP)

Sending a wedding present to Prince William and Kate Middleton? On Wednesday, the happy couple announced a fund of hand-picked charities for guests and fan donations in lieu of presents — and PeacePlayers International, a Washington-based group, made the list.

The royal couple selected 26 small, local organizations benefiting children, seniors, arts, sports and the environment. During a surprise trip to Northern Ireland last week, Wills and Kate told PeacePlayers Belfast director Gareth Harper that they were “so impressed” with the basketball program that teams up Catholic and Protestant kids.

A coach and two children from PeacePlayers in Northern Ireland. (Courtesty of PeacePlayers International )

So. . . does this mean an invite to the royal wedding? “That was my wife’s first question,” said Tuohey. (Unlikely, he thinks.) He’s just thrilled his charity got the boost from the royal couple: “I think it’s really smart how they’re doing it.”