Chefs Nora Pouillon, Todd Gray, Spike Mendelsohn , and José Andrés, bare all to moderator Jane Black. (Jessica McConnell Burt)

Confession: Nora Pouillon will trick diners into ordering unpopular organ meat by billing it as “different culture food.” For example, beef heart, which she marketed as the Peruvian delicacy anticuchos. “To explain what it was, I said ‘heart of beef,’” said the Restaurant Nora proprietor, “People actually thought it was the filet mignon and they ate it.”

Confession: Spike Mendelsohn got his “butt kicked” as the only American interning in a French kitchen. “It was really humbling,” insisted the Good Stuff Eatery chef, who sipped wine on stage and wore Converse sneakers.

Confession: Todd Gray of Equinox thinks grass-fed beef is totally overrated.

Confession: Jose Andres’s daughters prefer the Golden Arches to Jaleo or Minibar. “They tell me, ‘Daddy, daddy, let’s go to McDonald’s. I heard they have a new burger. We need to do research.”