Raymone Bainin 2006. (Michael Robinson Chavez/ TWP)

Raymone Bain, the D.C.-based spokeswoman for Michael Jackson and Marion Barry, now has her own PR problem: Unpaid taxes.

Bain failed to file federal and D.C. taxes in 2006, 2007, and 2008. She’s made a deal to plead guilty Wednesday on the 2008 charge — about $200,000-$400,000 in unpaid taxes, said her attorney Fred Cooke.

“Raymone is probably guilty of tending to other people’s issues more than her own,” Cooke told us. Though she’s “absolutely, positively” accepting responsibility for not filing, he notes her life was complicated at the time: Bain was embroiled in a $44 million lawsuit against Jackson for unpaid wages when he suddenly died in 2009; her mother died later the same year. A judge dismissed the suit last year, reports our colleague Del Quentin Wilber; Cooke said the case is ongoing.

Bain faces up to18 months in jail at sentencing, which comes later, on top of payment of the taxes and fines. Since it’s a first offense, Cooke said he did not expect her to serve time behind bars.