Delonte West at the BET Awards in June in Los Angeles. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

On Wednesday night, the Prince George’s County native put some surprising news out on Twitter: “Applied at Regency Furniture, need a 2nd job to stay afloat during the lockout.” And then just minutes later, “I am now an official employee.” He even posted an image of a sparsely-completed application. (How did you hear of this opening? “Word of mouth.” Available to start? “Yesterday.”)

Haha, another pro athlete clowning around on Twitter. . . or is he?

“He applied for a job here,” Daniel King, a sales manager at the Brandywine furniture emporium told us Thursday afternoon, “but we’re still reviewing his application. We’re definitely considering him.”

Not for a warehouse position, King assured us: “No, no, no, no — we have to save his hand for basketball! We’d have him in the showroom.”

Wait — what? Hasn’t West, 28, made several million dollars in his NBA career (most recently with the Boston Celtics)? We didn’t hear back from West, but the current free agent hinted last month at cash-flow worries in another tweet, moaning that a judge wouldn’t let him play ball overseas. (West recently got off of home arrest for that distracted-driving-with-guns episode on the Beltway, which he blames on a long struggle with bipolar disorder. Yes, he disclosed the conviction on his Regency app. He described it as a “misunderstanding.”)

King said that West is a longtime friend of the store. “Sometimes he just stops by to say hi,” he said. “He can make some extra money, and it would make money for us.”

An hour or so after we talked to King, West was back on Twitter — posting photos of himself in a Regency shirt, hanging out with employees in what looked. . . the warehouse. (“Having fun at my new job.”)

“They put him in the warehouse!” King exclaimed when we called him back. Beyond that, he said, the store could not comment further.