WPGC DJ Ranelle Sykes in the studio. (Courtesy of Ranelle Sykes)

Longtime WPGC host DJ Rane vanished from the airwaves three months ago without a farewell — but a pair of lawsuits shed light on her messy falling-out with the radio station.

In May, the perky voice known in real life as Ranelle Sykes filed a gender-discrimination suit against her bosses claiming that her on-air partner of a decade, Keith “DJ Flexx” Clagon, was earning “significantly more” than her. (Twice as much, she told City Paper last month; station execs denied it.)

Several weeks later, she was off the air. Why?

In a second suit filed in Prince George’s County Circuit Court last week, Sykes claims WPGC “terminated” her after she filed another internal complaint in July — and that this dismissal constituted illegal retaliation.

So. . . she was fired? Actually, seems that Sykes quit, having submitted her two-week notice along with the complaint — a detail the language of her suit somewhat tiptoes around. But Sykes’s lawyer, Jimmy A. Bell, claims the station acted improperly in “retroactively” ending her employment by not allowing her to come back to work for those final two weeks or say goodbye to listeners, and by cutting off medical benefits as of her last day, though she’d paid her share through the end of the month.

A rep for WPGC’s parent company, CBS Radio, said Sykes’s departure “was handled in the same manner as any other employee who elects to leave the company and whose resignation was accepted by the company effective immediately.”

But where’s Rane now? She’s in Nairobi — her husband works for a refugee-aid group — awaiting the birth of her second child, she told us in an e-mail, “just resting and preparing for what will be yet another huge life transition.”