Eli (Alan Cumming) meets with Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile (playing herself) in “The Good Wife.” (John Paul Filo/ CBS)

Donna Brazile had more than a decade of TV experience as a CNN pundit — but nothing that quite prepared her for her acting debut, on Sunday’s episode of “The Good Wife.”

The Democratic strategist brought a whole suitcase of clothes to the shoot last month in New York — only to find “they had an entire wardrobe picked out for me,” she told us. “Complete with nice shoes. I have a large foot. I have never seen so many different pairs of size 12 shoes. I was enthralled!” Also: Her own trailer, makeup artist and body double.

The latest in a series of Beltway types (Joe Trippi, Chris Matthews, Vernon Jordan , Fred Thompson) to have a cameo on the CBS drama, Brazile played herself, brokering a deal for a convention keynote speaker with the slick strategist played by Alan Cumming. “They said, ‘Just be yourself.’ I kept saying, ‘What does that mean? You don’t really want the down-home bayou diva in the house.’” But then, it just clicked for her. She snapped into character — and loved it. “I wish I could do more of this! It was exhilarating. If politics was like this, I’d go back to working on campaigns.”

Video: Donna Brazile on “The Good Wife” (via Politico)