Elizabeth Kucinich. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Kucinich)

But the flame-haired vegan advocate says she’s keeping her other job as director of public and government affairs for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. How can she possibly do both?

“I like to be kept busy,” she told us Tuesday. “And I don't have to be campaigning all the time anymore.”

Since her husband lost his primary amid redistricting last spring, “the last six months or so have been very eye-opening as to how much you can do with your life,” she said. Taking on the second job wasn’t about making up for his lost paycheck, she said, but finally having the time to take the course work to become an agent. (Dennis, in the meantime, plans to run a PAC.) Real estate is a longtime passion, she said. “Having the life that we do, in Congress, which is in constant motion, it’s really shown me how valuable home is.”

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