Actor Erik Estrada flanked by hosts Sara and Ron Bonjean at their annual Christmas party Saturday night. (Courtesy of Ron Bonjean)

It started out as a lark by inviting principal Mr. Belding (actor Dennis Haskins) from “Saved by the Bell.” Last year, they upped the ante and got Gary Busey; this time it was Estrada. “Erik was very host-friendly,” Bonjean told us Sunday. Meaning. . . ? Put it this way: Busey was a big hit with guests but “extremely difficult.” (We’re shocked, shocked.)

Estrada, on the other hand, arrived early, stayed late, posed for photos and signed autographs, even spent time with limo drivers, waiters and bartenders who waited until the end of the party for a chance to meet him. “He was amazing,” said Bonjean. “Honestly, he should run for public office.”

None of this comes cheap: Bonjean wouldn’t say exactly how much he paid for the stars to show up, but the appearance fee and expenses run into the “low five figures.” Totally worth it to distinguish his party from the standard corporate gathering: “It shakes things up.”

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