George Clooney, chef Luigi Diotaiuti and Clooney's pal Grant Heslov at Al Tiramisu. (Courtesy Al Tiramisu)

After years of discreet silence, Luigi Diotaiuti has finally gone public about his #1 celebrity customer: George Clooney. The chef/owner of Al Tiramisu, an Italian restaurant on P Street NW, issued an unusual press release Tuesday informing us that Clooney has been a regular at the restaurant for a decade.

Why talk now?

The chef watched the media go crazy over Clooney in D.C. this spring, but there was no mention of his visit to the cozy eatery in Dupont Circle. With the actor’s blessing, Diotaiuti just announced a “superstar dinner” based on Clooney’s favorite Italian dishes. “He loves our branzino,” the chef told us Tuesday. “I have to tell you: he has a good appetite. Finishes everything on the plate.”

One other thing: Diotaiuti says his restaurant is known for wedding proposals and figures that women will be even more swept away knowing it is one of Clooney’s hangouts. “Every woman loves George Clooney,” he said.

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