Jack, a bulldog and the official mascot of Georgetown University. (Courtesy of Georgetown University)

Another local celebrity going under the knife: Georgetown University’s Jack the Bulldog.

We’re talking about the real dog, not the kid in the fuzzy mascot suit. The eight-year-old tore his doggie ACL ten days ago and is headed for surgery next month, reports our colleague Dan Steinberg.

A beloved figure on and off campus, Jack (the third bulldog to hold the name and the job) is owned by the university, lives with Father Christopher Steck and is tended by a team of students (there’s a waitlist to walk Jack — guys use him to pick up girls). He’s a school ambassador and has even played a role in marriage proposals.

But he’s best known for his appearances at Hoya home games and renowned for his one trick: Attacking and eating cardboard boxes painted with opponents’ logos. “He loves cardboard,” spokeswoman Rachel Pugh told us.

Bulldogs aren’t known for their agility: The 55-lb. dog hurt his left rear leg jumping on the couch on Selection Sunday, the kickoff for March Madness. Some fans worried it was bad luck for the Hoyas in the Men’s NCAA tournament — and indeed, the team was bounced in the second round.

Steck tweeted Jack’s condition (he’s walking but isn’t allowed to jump or run), his visit to an orthopedic surgeon Tuesday and the decision to operate in about a month so Steck can be there full-time for Jack’s recuperation. Recovery will take 2-3 months; the dog will undergo physical therapy including exercise and swimming. The prognosis is “very good” that he’ll return to full doggie mobility, said Pugh.

Is Jack covered by health insurance? “His needs are covered by supporters and fans,” she said. “He is adored by many.”