Dancer Josh Lambert at GOProud's party Tuesday at the Honey Pot nightclub. (Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)

“I understand I’m going to be subject to certain limitations,” said Robert Stevens, sporting a Romney/Ryan button late Tuesday night. “I understand I won’t have equal rights. But I also want to be filthy rich, and I think the Republican ticket can get me there.”

GOProud dipped into the convention social scene Tuesday with Homocon 2012, an invitation-only party for gay conservatives and supporters who believe in limited government and individual empowerment.

Hundreds of guests — including Grover Norquist, Roger Stone, Breitbart’s Dana Loesch, Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer and former congressman Mark Foley — packed into Tampa’s Honey Pot nightclub, where dancers sported “Freedom is Fabulous” t-shirts and Romney buttons were the accessory du jour.

Founded in 2009, GOProud is the only gay organization to endorse Romney. No problem with the convention platform opposing same-sex marriage?

“We’ll have more people at our party tonight than who will read the Republican Party platform,” executive director Jimmy LaSalvia told us. “The Left wants you to believe that conservatives hate gay people. But we invited the leaders of the conservative moment and the Republican Party to a gay bar tonight— and they’re coming. This is the reality.”

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