A photograph taken at District Night Club during the video shoot for "Have You Seen Molly." Actress Jenna Dalton appears on the monitor screen. (Courtesy of Nicholas Cambata)

Oh, those poor, poor guys from 8112 Studios. They get to film a big-deal music video, and now the song is wracked by international controversy!

It started last weekend when Madonna , on stage at a Miami music festival, shouted, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” Dance-music producer deadmau5 slammed her on Facebook for the casual drug reference: “Molly” is code for ecstasy. Not her intention, Madge piously responded on Twitter: “I was referring to the song called ‘Have You Seen Molly’ written by my friend Cedric Gervais.” The spat was picked up by MTV, TMZ and all the music people on Twitter.

No one seemed too beaten down by the controversy Wednesday night at Barcode, where 8112, a D.C.-based production company, showed off highlights from the “Molly” video.

“It was a funny circumstance and a misunderstanding,” said co-producer Douglas Sonders, smiling. Of course Molly doesn’t refer to drugs, he told us, but rather to “the unobtainable girl” — Jenna Dalton, a radiant blonde from Richmond who stars in the video. He and co-producer Pergrin Pervez and director Nicholas Cambata filmed it at District nightclub in Adams-Morgan; the 200 writhing extras were cast via Emma.com, a new social-media thingymarketing-via-Facebook app developed by local tech firm MicroStrategy. (Nightclubs, beautiful women: Of course there’s a Michael Saylor connection.)

“I hate that there’s a negative connotation hovering over the song,” Sonders added brightly. “But the controversy is certainly in our favor.”