Debra Lee. (Jason Kempin/ Getty Images)

• Debra Lee ordering a latte at D.C. Superior Court’s basement coffee shop Friday. The BET chief exec was doing a jury duty stint, reports our colleague Keith Alexander, and was recognized by a clerk who’d seen her on the network’s awards shows. (“You look like that woman from BET. But shorter.”)

• Josh Charles dining at the Oxford Inn on Maryland’s Eastern Shore Saturday night — a birthday party for his father. The “Good Wife” star and Baltimore native picked up the tab and took photos as chef Lisa MacDougal paddled his dad with a pizza stick — apparently a tradition they’ve got there for birthday guests.

Vincent Pastore dining at Cuba Libre in Chinatown Friday night with a couple of relatives. Apparently the super-recognizable actor (Big Pussy from “The Sopranos”) has a daughter who lives here.