Michelle Obama shopping at Target Thursday. An AP photographer (small world!) happened upon the first lady at the Alexandria store, pushing a cart and carrying bags. (See images below..)

Update, 10/2: How did the AP manage get that photo anyway? Michelle Obama’s Target trip: Critics take aim

First ladies — they’re just like us! (Charles Dharapak/AP)

Michelle Obama, center, with an unidentified aide — we’re assuming, anyway. Who else would be working two BlackBerrys at Target? (Charles Dharapak/AP)

• Chefs Jose Andres and Ferran Adria at the White House Farmer's Market Thursday afternoon. The two Spanish superstars — Andres has created a restaurant empire in Washington; Adria is world famous for the recently closed El Bulli — dropped by for the "Stuff the Bus" drive to collect 5,000 pounds of fresh food for D.C. Central Kitchen.