Paris, Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael II at the star’s 2009 memorial service. (Getty Images)

After years of being shrouded from view, the three children of the late Michael Jackson are now at the center of a very public family battle over money and their welfare. The L.A. Sheriff’s department responded Monday to an alleged scuffle at the home where they live with grandmother Katherine Jackson. Jackson’s lawyer told the AP that, in the fracas, relatives tried to grab cell phones from the kids. A sheriff’s rep, though, denied to the L.A. Times that the children were involved in the altercation.

This followed a drama over the weekend in which the pop star’s daughter, Paris, 14, complained to the world via Twitter that she was being kept from seeing Katherine. The larger battle seems to be between Jackson’s siblings and the lawyers. Janet, Jermaine and Randy, Tito and Rebbie lashed out last week at their brother’s estate executors, claiming that they’re manipulating Katherine and that the will — which left everything to his mom and kids — is invalid. The executors on Tuesday issued a statement saying they’re trying to protect the children “from undue influences, bullying, greed, and other unfortunate circumstances.”

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