Charlie Sheen at the MTV Movie Awards last month. (Matt Sayles/AP)

• A grateful beneficiary of the ongoing Charlie Sheen Image Rehabilitation Campaign: The USO. The loose-cannon star announced Monday that he’s pledging $1 million to the Arlington-based troops-boosting organization — though his total donation could go higher, since he’s giving the USO a percentage of the profits of his new sitcom, “Anger Management.” And yes, we’re told the first check for $250K has already arrived.

Sheen’s gift will help fund two new centers to help wounded and sick servicemembers and their families get a foothold back home — one already under construction at Fort Belvoir, the other planned for Walter Reed. The USO hadn’t sought Sheen’s help — he came to them, said Gena Fitzgerald, the organization’s vice president of communications. “We don’t know what spurred his reasons or interests,” she said, “but whatever motivated him personally, we're very happy he’s choosing to do this. It’s fantastic.”

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