Chris Brown (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

• Finally, an alleged Chris Brown fight that makes his bottle-throwing brawl with Drake look classy by comparison. The pop star/felon is being investigated for allegedly punching a man Sunday night in a spat over a West Hollywood parking space, the L.A. County Sheriff’s department told AP; TMZ reports that the victim was R&B star of the moment Frank Ocean, which Ocean seemed to confirm on Twitter. (“Got jumped by Chris. . . now I can’t play [with] two hands at the Grammys.”) There were no changes in the Brown-Drake fight last summer at an NYC club; Brown’s criminal record stems from assaulting on-off girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

• Rapper Rick Ross crashed his Rolls-Royce into the side of Ft. Lauderdale building early Monday. Told police he lost control after hearing gunshots and thinking he was under fire, reports AP. No one was hurt, but the Rolls has probably looked better.

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