Denise Rich in New York last year. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

• America, say auf wiedersehn to Denise Rich. The socialite-songwriter and avid Bill Clinton fundraiser — whose ex-husband got a controversial White House pardon in 2001 — has given up her U.S. passport in favor of the Austrian citizenship she got from her late father. She’ll likely save tens of millions in U.S. taxes by making London her permanent home, experts told Reuters — though Rich’s lawyer said the move is about being closer to her daughters and her long-time boyfriend. The Grammy nominee, who penned pop tunes for Aretha Franklin and Mandy Moore, landed in the center of Pardongate when Clinton granted her fugitive financier ex-husband Marc Rich a pardon from illegal trading and tax evasion charges; she took the Fifth rather than testify before Congress on the matter.

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