That’s the guy — Brendan Gleeson. You’d know him if you saw him. (Danny Moloshok/AP)

• Hollywood returned to the District this weekend: The big-budget thriller “Safe House” filmed around the Mall and Foggy Bottom for several hours Sunday. If you didn’t notice much commotion, though, it’s because stars Denzel Washington (the bad guy) and Ryan Reynolds (the good guy) weren’t needed in town for the shoot — just supporting actor Brendan Gleeson (“In Bruges,” and also HBO’s “Into the Storm,” where he played Winston Churchill).

• Prosecutors have dropped charges against Q’orianka Kilcher after she completed community service for her role in a White House protest last year, the Associated Press reports. The actress (Pocohantas in “The New World”) was arrested last June for chaining herself to the gates in protest of a visit by the president of Peru, whom she accuses of selling out indigenous people for oil rights.

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