John Grisham accepting the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction on Thursday. (University of Alabama Law Schoo)

Author John Grisham dropped by the National Press Club Thursday to receive the first-ever Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, awarded for his most recent novel, “The Confession.” The prize, co-sponsored by the University of Alabama Law School and the ABA Journal, honors works of fiction that portray lawyers in a moral, courageous, and non-snarky light.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a memoir titled “Total Recall.” It’s not a tell-all, more like a tell-some: His journey to America, his careers in body building, moviemaking, and politics — but reps from Simon & Schuster aren’t saying how deeply he’ll go into his infidelities and marriage to Maria Shriver.

Speaking of books, Bill Clinton has another one coming out in November on the economy titled “Back to Work.” D.C.’s Bob Barnett did the deal for the book, natch.