Greg Mortenson and his family with students at Gultori War refugee school in the Karakoram mountains, 2008. (Deirdre Eitel/PR Newswire)

A rare bit of good news for author Greg Mortenson: A federal judge on Monday rejected a fraud lawsuit from readers who claimed “Three Cups of Tea” was a $15 ripoff, since his tale of travels through Pakistan was filled with alleged fabrications. The judge called the claim “flimsy and speculative,” reports AP. Mortenson has bigger problems anyway: Last month, he agreed to repay his Central Asia Institute charity $1 million after mismanaging funds raised to build schools overseas. In his first public statement in a year, Mortenson, who recently had heart surgery, thanked his attorneys for helping him “keep the high ground, even when subjected to false allegations, vicious name-calling and slander.”

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