Lars Von Trier at Cannes. (Joel Ryan/AP)

Lars Von Trier has been tossed out of the Cannes Film Festival after joking about being a Nazi sympathizer, Reuters reported Thursday. His bizarre riff happened at a Wednesday press conference. “What can I say? I understand Hitler,” the Danish filmmaker told reporters, as his “Melancholia” star Kirsten Dunst cringed besides him. He went on and on: “But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews,” he said, though added that “Israel is a pain.” Who knew you could get thrown out of Cannes? The festival board of directors hastily declared him “a persona non grata.” Guessing this hurts his chance for an award. Von Trier has apologized; he told the L.A. Times, “I don't really know what hit me. . . This was very sarcastic and very rude, but that's very Danish.”

Video: Lars Von Trier’s Nazi gaffe at Cannes

Jeff Conaway in 2008 (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for TVLand)

Jeff Conaway is in a coma following a drug overdose, his manager told AP. A star in the late ’70s for “Grease” and “Taxi,” the actor, 60, has been most visible lately on shows like “Celebrity Rehab. ” He was found unconscious a week ago.