Jenna Talackova. (Frederic J. Brown/Getty Images)

Natural-born women have lost their 60-year monopoly on the Miss Universe title. Pageant officials announced Tuesday that transgendered ladies will be able compete for the crown starting next year. The switch comes after a Vancouver contestant, Jenna Talackova, protested her ouster from the Miss Canada pageant on grounds that she had been born male before undergoing sex-change surgery at 19; last week, officials changed course and allowed her to stay in the contest. Thus concludes the annual Miss Universe good-for-ratings scandal; who knows what pageant owner Donald Trump has in store for next year?

Less than a week ago, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe took a months-old Time magazine image of Hillary Clinton — staring at a cell phone through dark shades, looking resolutely unimpressed — and turned it into the meme of the month: “Texts from Hillary.” (Sample imagined exchange: Barack Obama — “Hey Hil, whatchu doing?” Clinton — “Running the world.”) On Tuesday, the secretary of state showed she’s in on the joke, meeting with the two Washington PR guys. “She was very friendly and gracious and she told us how much she liked the site,” Smith told our colleague Maura Judkis. And she autographed a customized image for them: “thanks for the many lolz.”