Former Russian spy Anna Chapman. (Alexander Nemenov)

• Russian agent Anna Chapman has been accused of plagiarism, reports AP. Since getting deported from the U.S., the gorgeous but hapless ex-sleeper spy has not only been posing for men’s magazines but writing a pro-Kremlin column for a daily tabloid. Alas, her recent story on Alexander Pushkin appears to be a cut-and-paste job from a government official’s book.

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• A judge ordered Lindsay Lohan to return to jail — wait, are we repeating ourselves? We swear this is new; no offense taken if you’ve lost track. The chronically troubled starlet was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days, reports AP, for violating probation by getting fired from the women’s shelter where the court earlier ordered her to do community service (stemming from an ’07 DWI arrest and January theft charge).