Animal lover, Newt Gingrich, and a polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo in 2007. (Callista Gingrich/Gingrich Productions)

Who knew Newt Gingrich’s passion for zoos could be so dangerous? The still-in-the-race GOP contender, who makes a habit of visiting zoos on many campaign stops, was bit on the finger by a penguin Friday during a private tour of the St. Louis Zoo. Just a tiny nip, a zoo rep told reporters: “A Band-Aid took care of the injury.”

The Pippa Middleton hype of the week — a U.K. media frenzy about a pal of Prince William’s sister-in-law who was photographed aiming a pistol at paparazzi as he drove her around Paris for a party weekend — may be dying down. A rep for party host Arthur de Soultrait told the AP the gun was a toy, and Paris police say they are not investigating.