Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama's sister. (Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)

• In other inaugural hair news, the Arthur Christine Salon & Academy of Vienna, Va., put out a press release Thursday announcing that two of its staffers had been “appointed exclusive hairdresser and stylist to [President Obama’s sister] Maya Soetoro-Ng and the extended First Family for the 57th Inauguration Celebration.” Fascinating! What exactly does that mean? After we called around a bit, the salon wrote again to say it had been asked to retract the announcement. All righty, then.

• And in other inaugural retraction news, the White House booted an anti-Beyoncé petition from its increasingly unruly We the People Web site. Activists led by Laurie David pushed the petition asking the president to disinvite the superstar from her National Anthem gig at the inauguration because of her lucrative deal promoting Pepsi — a sugary drink that doesn’t exactly mesh with the healthy-living movement. The White House explained that it could not accept petitions on topics beyond the president’s purview, and that it’s up to the inaugural committee to pick entertainers. (Read more at Post Politics: Petition against Beyonce removed from White House site)

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