Zara Phillips arriving at Cheltenham Race course with the Olympic flame last month. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth’s oldest granddaughter has nabbed a spot on British Olympic equestrian team. Though previously considered a longshot for the squad, Zara Phillips, 31, killed it at a competition in Bramham over the weekend, reports the Associated Press, after skipping part of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Phillips — whose mother, Princess Anne, was on the 1976 team, and whose father, Mark, won a team gold in 1972 — got named to the 2008 team but was forced to drop out when her horse was injured. The horse-related sports, by the way, appear to be one of the best places to bump into a crowned Olympian: Jordanian, Saudi and Danish royals have also competed in equestrian events, while the Spanish and Greek monarchs have sent kids to the Games in sailing. Prince Albert of Monaco competed with his country’s bobsled team for several years but never medaled.