Raheem DeVaughn. (Robyn Beck/Getty Images )

• Occupy DC finally has its own celebvocate — R&B star Raheem DeVaughn, who was among the 19 people (including scholar/activist Cornel West) arrested at the Supreme Court Sunday afternoon when they refused to leave the grounds. (See video, below.) We wanted to ask the Prince George’s native, 36, what motivated him to join the protest — but as of Monday afternoon he was still in jail awaiting arraignment.

Update, 10/18: Raheem DeVaughn talks about Occupy DC and his day in jail

Susan Sarandon referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi in an appearance at the Hamptons International Film Festival Saturday, reports Newsday. Yeah, this might be a problem. The Oscar-winner mentioned sending a copy of “Dead Man Walking” to the pope — but “the last one, not this Nazi one we have now.” (“Only in the Hamptons,” wrote Newsday, “could Sarandon get a laugh with such a comment.”)

Video: Cornel West, Raheem DeVaughn arrested at Supreme Court