(Evan Agostini/ AP)

Steve Martin was one of the collectors conned in a massive German art-forgery swindle, Der Spiegel reported Tuesday. The actor-comedian bought a painting called “Landscape with Horses” — certified at the time as a 1915 work by German-Dutch modernist Heinrich Campendonk — from a Paris gallery in 2004 for about $850K. German police now believe it’s a product of a prolific forgery ring busted last year. Martin — who sold the painting at a loss in 2006 — told the New York Times he had no idea until much later it was a fake. He’s mistakenly bought forgeries “once or twice in my life,” he said, “and each time you become more and more cautious.”

• Supermodel Naomi Campbell has denounced as racist a British ad campaign that compares her to a chocolate bar: Cadbury’s “Bliss,” with the tag­line, “Move over Naomi — there is a new diva in town.” Amid talk of a boycott, a Cadbury rep told the UK Independent the ads were simply “a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss.”