Trouble Funk at the 930 Club, 2010. ( Kyle Gustafson/For The Washington Post)

Bad timing: The publishing company for Trouble Funk filed suit against the Beastie Boys last Thursday for allegedly sampling riffs from songs like “Drop the Bomb” and “Say What” without the permission of the D.C. go-go band. A day later, of course, came news that Beastie Adam Yauch had died of cancer. Trouble Funk leader “Big Tony” Fisher told our colleague Chris Richards he wasn’t aware of the litigation and feels bad about the whole thing: “We toured with the Beastie Boys and I like ’em. They’re good cats. And they really admired the band.”

Linda Evangelista in New York on Monday. (Stan Honda/Getty Images)

• Justin Bieber is done with high school. The tween idol, now 18, told the UK Telegraph that after being home-schooled on the road, “I passed my test — I’m free!”