With a bandage in his right hand, Haitian-American singer Wyclef Jean, left, casts his ballot in Sunday’s presidential runoff in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Ramon Espinosa/AP)

• Wyclef Jean’s hand was slightly injured by gunfire on Saturday night in Port-au-Prince, he told the Associated Press. The musician was in Haiti with hip-hop singer FanFan when he stepped out of a car to use his cellphone and a bullet grazed his right hand. Jean said he didn’t know who fired the gun or if the shots were directed at him. Haitian police chief Mario Andresol told reporters that he wasn't sure what happened and that Jean had not talked to police; he was treated at a hospital and released in time to vote in Sunday’s presidential election.

• Valerie Plame Wilson, the sexy ex-undercover CIA agent, has signed a deal with Penguin to write a series of suspense novels about a sexy undercover CIA agent named “Vanessa Pearson.” The author of the nonfiction bestseller “Fair Game” told the New York Times that too many fictional female agents are “cardboard characters, with a heavy reliance on physicality. Of course the job has a lot of glamour. But it really is about being smarter than your average bear. Your mind is your best weapon.’’ Wilson’s co-author will be mystery writer Sarah Lovett; the first book is scheduled for release next year.