View Photo Gallery: Jackson Browne plays to an Occupy crowd at Freedom Plaza Monday.

Jackson Browne was one of the most reliably lefty of the celebvocates of the ’70s and ’80s — Nicaragua, Amnesty, no-nukes — so it was probably a no-brainer the singer-songwriter would make an apperance at Occupy Washington.

But many of the 20-something occupiers weren’t exactly sure who he was. It was the middle-aged ladies pouring out of the office buildings to hear him rock Freedom Plaza at lunchtime Monday who were swooning. Kathy Finn, 57, who works for the Department of Agriculture, called him her “idol.”

“It was 1972,” she told our colleague Emily Wax. “I was 18. He’s still adorable.” She learned about the concert by following him on Facebook. Browne, who also performed in Zuccotti Park last week, wrote a song for the concert called “Battle for the Future.” But he added, “This movement doesn’t need a new song, it just needs people to show up and sing.”