Actor Jeff Bridges performs at CarolinaFest Monday before the Democratic National Convention officially kicks off. (Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters)

CHARLOTTE — A fierce thunderstorm forced organizers to cut short Jeff Bridges ’s country-music performance at the Democrats’ CarolinaFest downtown street festival Monday afternoon.

Did the Dude abide? Of course he did.

“Well, I guess while we wait it out, my brother and I will now do a little mime for you,” said the shaggy Oscar winner, who has attended both conventions doing advocacy work for the anti-hunger group Share Our Strength. (Read also: O’Malley’s performance with Jeff Bridges canceled by rain)

Beau Bridges emerged from the front row to recite some poem about wandering in the snowy woods and wondering what happens to the frogs in winter. (Punchline: “They freeze their a--es off.”)

Then, reports our colleague Ann Gerhart, the brothers did some kind of dance — to encourage the rain to stop, they said — sliding and jumping around until the techies ordered the whole set shut down.

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