Jenna Bush Hager, second from right with the yogurt smoothie, with her fellow panelists at the Newseum on Wednesday. (Nick Wass/ AP for MilkPEP)

We take our crumbs of information on Jenna Bush Hager however we can. Here’s one: “We grew up with milk and water as our only options. Not even orange juice. Too much sugar.”

The former president’s fair-haired daughter was at the Newseum Wednesday, giving a little boost of starpower to a panel of pediatricians and dieticians for something called the Role Modeling Health Legacy Summit. (Sponsors: Family Circle magazine, and the “Got Milk?” people.)

Her message: The role moms play in getting kids to eat right. Not that she’s a mom yet — and on that point, the teacher-turned-“Today” correspondent gamely played along with the audience’s need for a little celebvocate disclosure. “Thank you for including me, although, I don’t have kids. Which, I might say, is to my parents’dismay,” she said. “They’re really pressuring.” (There’s our headline: “George and Laura demand grandkids!”) But seriously: “I credit my mom for the influence and trajectory of my career more than any class or any major.”

The panel ran long, after a lactose-centric photo-op (she held a yogurt drink while the other panelists hoisted the white stuff), forcing Hager to race out of there, and our colleague Aaron Leitko to race after her. Is she enjoying NYC, where she recently moved from Baltimore? “I love living in New York, I like it a lot.” Does she miss B’more? Yes, but “I like living in New York.” What does she miss about Baltimore?

“Is. . . are we going to talk about milk stuff?”

She was staying on message. We were totally blanking on anything to ask Jenna Bush Hager about milk. How about: “Does it do a body good?” By the time we thought of that, she was gone.