Jimmy Kruyne, aka the Horse Mask Guy, relives his moment of glory on NB4 Monday morning. (Amira Ismail)

“There’s a shirtless man jogging wearing a horse mask!” she chortled, and yes, that’s exactly what it was. Within 90 minutes, the video clip had gone viral nationally. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how Jimmy Kruyne became a star.

No trouble proving the masked man’s identity: Kruyne, 27, an assistant account executive at a marketing firm, laid claim to the stunt on Twitter a few minutes ahead of his run. (“The news crew is down the block, I’m thinking horse mask and swimming trunks?”)

Okay, then: What’s up with the horse mask? “I actually bought it a couple years ago, just for fun,” he told us. “I thought it would be nice to have a horse mask around in case something comes up.” He says he thought it would be funny to sprint past the reporter and swears he had no intention of monopolizing the camera — but then his glasses fogged up inside the mask, and he had to slow down to adjust them. Working from home the rest of the day in his flood-prone Bloomingdale apartment, Kruyne was still processing his unexpected moment of fame.

“If I had known that this would happened, I would have been working out the last month or painted on a six-pack,” he joked. “I was looking a little soft.”

Also, Style Blog traces his trajectory: Horse Mask Guy gains fame, distracts from Hurricane Sandy

(Video: NBC4’s horse-mask jogger)

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