Lynda Carter whispers to Joan Rivers, author of "I Hate Everyone," at Monday's book party at Central. (Kyle Samperton )

You name it, Joan Rivers can’t stand it: Kids, old people, love, and the French, for starters. The acerbic comedian (who turned 79 Friday) doesn’t have anything nice to say, which led to her latest book, “I Hate Everyone. . . Starting With Me.”

“The book is about everything that annoys me these days — and that’s everything,” she told us at Monday’s book party at Central Michel Richard. She was complaining bitterly to her editor about children on planes, and he told her to make a list — which quickly turned into a book.

She doesn’t hate her 11-year-old grandson, Cooper, or reality TV: Rivers currently stars in “Fashion Police” and another show with her daughter, Melissa.

Oddly, the book steers clear of politics, which everyone hates. “I hate the hypocrisy of the whole thing,” said Rivers. “And I hate that no one has humor about anything: If you put six comedians in a room with politicians, things would work out just great.”

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