Bridget Siegel, a former John Edwards staffer turned novelist, at a convention party in Charlotte Tuesday. (Amy Argetsinger/The Washington Post)

Gotta say, it was brave for Bridget Siegel to show up promoting her new sex-on-the-campaign-trail novel, “Domestic Affairs,” inspired by her time as a campaign finance director for John Edwards — a name few are inclined to utter around here. But she insisted she was having a great time catching up with old pals. She does love conventions.

“I’m half-jaded, sure,” she told us, “but at the end of the day, I’m a political staffer at heart.”

Common flirts with a guest he pulled onstage at the RIAA concert party. (Amy ArgetsingerThe Washington Post)

“His message was important — two Americas in one,” she told us. “It’s a theme that continues.” Although it stars a seductive Southern pol, her book was meant less as an Edwards tell-all than “an inside story on campaign fundraising,” she said.

“I don’t think anyone’s written a novel about that before. You have all these big numbers, and it’s these 25-, 30-year-olds bringing them in. . . It’s the stories before and after Rielle that no one hears.”

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