Former Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) last year. (Cathleen Allison/AP)

How close? According to the riveting 75-page narrative submitted to the Senate ethics panel, they were sooo close that:

Doug Hampton in June 2009. (Isaac Brekken/AP)

. . . the Hamptons moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the Ensigns (who wanted “their families to walk through life together”).

. . . they bought a home just a three-minute walk from the Ensigns.

. . . the Ensigns loaned the Hamptons $40K to refinance the home, which they couldn’t really afford.

. . . Hampton and Ensign, “addicted to golf,” hit the links together almost every Saturday and Sunday.

. . . the two families had dinner together most Sundays.

. . . the Ensigns insisted on footing the tuition bill so the Hampton kids could go to the same private school as their own kids.

. . . the Ensigns paid for the Hampton family to join them on a Maui vacation.

. . . the Hamptons moved into the Ensigns’ home after theirs was burglarized. That’s when the affair began. And the friendship ended.

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