Liddy, M ary Anne, and Abby Huntsmanin the January GQ. (Danielle Levitt/GQ )

Jon Huntsman can’t get a break in the polls — but journalists still cannot get enough of his daughters. In the latest playful profile of the tweet-happy Jon2012girls, the threesome sing karaoke for a GQ photo shoot — and Liddy, 23, divulges that older sister Mary Anne, 26, once went on a date with Kris Humphries. Yes, Kim Kardashian’s pending ex-husband! Back when he played for the Utah Jazz. (They saw “Elf”; he ordered a popcorn “the size of a garbage can”; they never met again.) Mary Anne expresses embarrassment at the story’s airing; says Liddy, “I’m just trying to make someone smile.”

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Jon Hunstman daughters in GQ, January 2012