Liddy, Mary Anne and Abby Huntsman at the opening of the Emporio Armani boutique at Tysons Galleria Saturday. (Paul Morigi)

A year ago, it’s safe to assume, the breakout stars of the GOP primary didn’t envision spending one of the final 10 days of the 2012 race as VIP hostesses at a suburban boutique opening.

But if you were looking for a touch of sideline melancholy at Tysons Galleria on Saturday — well, that’s just not how the “Jon2012 Girls” roll.

“We had so much fun!” Liddy Huntsman told us, recalling the pre-New Hampshire jolliness of father Jon Huntsman’s presidential bid. “And you can’t take things too seriously. That’s why I think people liked us.”

“The only thing we regret is that more people didn’t get to know our dad well enough,” Abby said.

Liddy, Abby and Mary Anne Huntsman in their “Jon2012girls Smokin’ Ad,” a parody of a Herman Cain spot. (Courtesy Jon Huntsman Campaign)

On Saturday, they lent their star power to the opening party for the Emporio Armani boutique at Tysons Galleria — champagne and shopping to benefit the developing-world sanitation advocacy group Dolled up in the Italian designer’s clothes, they talked about their newfound passion for politics.

“We’re more opinionated now,” said Liddy. “We feel we want to be even more involved in the election cycle now because we saw how much our country needs a good leader.”

The Huntsman family on primary night in Manchester, NH in January 2012. (Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Oh, but they do have a Halloween costume lined up.

“We’re dressing up as a binder of women,” Abby said. She promised to tweet a photo.

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