Joseph Abboud (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

That Joseph Abboud, he must really love a party! Much confusion this week for D.C. fashionistas who received not one but two Wednesday invitations for soirees touting the menswear designer.

“I’m getting calls from people who are wondering if it’s the same event,” sighed Aba Kwawu, a publicist for one of the parties, “or is Mr. Abboud in two places at once?”

Her party is the opening of Streets of Georgetown, a new store from the HMX Group, which hired Abboud as chief designer last year. Kwawu says she can promise “Abboud, the designer, the man.”

But across town, Capitol File magazine is also toasting Joseph Abboud — the eponymous company the designer left in 2005. Read carefully: It’s not “Joseph Abboud” on the invite, it’s “Joseph Abboud Creative Director Bernado Rojo.”

“Who would have thought? The battle of the Abbouds,” Capitol File publisher Sarah Schaffer said. “It’s just a bizarre coincidence. I think both parties are going to be great.”