Judd last year in New York. (Carlo Allegri/AP)

Judd Watch!: Where we chronicle the quest of actress/activist Ashley Judd on her possible run for Kentucky’s 2014 Senate seat.

• Friday afternoon, George Washington University: Judd speaks to a large audience of public-health graduate students about her interest, as a “survivor of gender violence,” in women’s health and reproductive rights. Broadcast live on C-SPAN; Judd takes questions from the students, but not the media.

• Saturday night, D.C.’s Mellon Auditorium: In front of an audience of 400 people, Judd is honored by the Global India Fund for her humanitarian work on behalf of Indian girls and women. In her remarks, she does not mention her possible candidacy, but founder Amita Vyas tells the audience that it would be an “honor” to have a woman like Judd in the Senate.

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