Left to right: Ken W. Weinstein, Ken R. Weinstein, Ken N. Weinstein and Ken L. Wainstein. (Philip Ross)

The inaugural lunch was hosted by Ken R. Weinstein, president of the conservative-leaning think tank who invited the other Kens (all lawyers) to meet for the first time: Ken N. Weinstein, a former counsel for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now at Mayer-Brown; Ken W. Weinstein, an environmental lawyer who recently retired; and the outlier who spells his name funny — Ken L. Wainstein, a former assistant attorney general and Homeland Security Advisor now with O’Melveny & Myers.

Six degrees of separation gets a lot smaller when you share the same name: They’ve been getting each other’s phone calls and invitations for years. Two of the Kens were on opposing sides of a lawsuit but never met. Ken R. kept getting e-mails intended for Ken L. “Every time he got promoted, I got congratulated.” Ken N. received a lavish invite to a beach wedding in the Bahamas; they never determined whom it was really intended for.

Any other Kens eligible for the club? There’s a local architect, they told us. “He might have to pledge.”