Laura Govan and her sister Gloria in September. (Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images)

Love and litigation — both are so mysterious! It’s been five months since former Wizard Gilbert Arenas sued his then-ex-fiancee Laura Govan and a production company for her role in the reality show “Basketball Wives: L.A.” Since then, the season has aired in its entirety (save for the finale of a two-part cast “reunion”). And the two have reconciled — a reignited love showcased regularly in photos she posts to Twitter, where she’s now listed as living in Orlando, his new town. But what about the lawsuit? Court records’s still in play! Hearings are scheduled deep into next spring. (In the papers he filed in July, the NBA star argues the show misleads viewers into thinking his then-ex has insight into his current life — time for an update?) Neither Govan nor lawyers on either side returned our many messages.