Married: Levi Johnston, 22, and Sunny Oglesby, 20, in Wasilla, Alaska, on Sunday, reports the TV show “Inside Edition.”

Levi Johnston and his bride Sunny Oglesby, with their newborn daughter Breeze Beretta Johnston, at their Wasilla, Alaska, wedding on Sunday. (Inside Edition)

Four years after his teenage-babydaddy debut at the Republican convention, two years after his final bitter breakup with Bristol Palin , and a year after publishing a weakly-received memoir about the experience, Levi seems to have moved on, or somthing, by exchanging vows with Oglesby, mother of his month-old daughter Breeze Beretta .

So, that’s the end of his Palin drama? Not really. Johnston confided to “Inside Edition” that he was bummed Bristol wouldn’t let their son Tripp, now 4, attend the wedding (“I wanted him to be my ring bearer”) — though he also acknowledged he didn’t exactly tell her he was getting married, just asked if he could have him for the weekend. Oh, and he divulged that he’s leaning towards voting for Obama.

(Inside Edition)

Asked the officiant, “Do you take Sunny to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse?”

Responded Johnston: “To have and to hold, whatever you say.”

The wedding will be featured on the TV show Wednesday.

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