Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin at her going-away party at Public Tenley. (Chris Abi-Najm)

It’s been four months since NBC4’s sports anchor Lindsay Czarniak got engaged — but darned if the little story we did at the time doesn’t still surface now and then as one of our most-viewed stories.

Craig Melvin has noticed a related phenomenon: Whenever there’s a new story about Czarniak, his bio is suddenly one of the most-viewed pages on the NBC4 web site.

“You know they’re thinking, ‘hmph, that guy?’” he joked.

Melvin, of course, is Czarniak’s fiancé and – until now — her on-air co-worker. But Czarniak is about to go national, with a new job on ESPN’s SportsCenter. On Friday, fellow sports anchor Dan Hellie hosted a farewell party for the radiantly down-to-earth Centreville native at Public Tenley bar. Guests included Jason Campbell of the Oakland Raiders, NBC4 colleague Wendy Rieger, ABC7’s Bob Ryan and Pamela Brown, and WUSA’s Angie Goff.

Czarniak is now looking for a place to live near ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters — and planning her fall nuptials. She and Melvin originally considered a destination wedding, but with her move, they’ve decided to get married in the Washington area. Hey, can we get exclusive rights to cover it? Does she even know what a Google sensation she is these days? Czarniak smiled and self-deprecated: “People have nothing better to do in the summer.”

Update: Craig Melvin to join MSNBC, 7/27/11