Dinesh D'Souza in New York last month. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

D’Souza confirmed to the magazine that the woman, Denise Odie Joseph II, was his fiancée. Joseph, who judging by her Facebook bio is in her late 20s, did not respond to us for comment.

Her personal “lifestyle and opinion” blog, on which she had raged against liberals and urged readers to check out “2016: Obama’s America” — D’Souza’s controversial documentary presenting the president as an “anti-colonialist” bent on stripping the U.S. of its power — has been deactivated.

King’s College, an evangelical school that hired D’Souza in 2010, issued a statement Tuesday saying its board members had been looped in on “some” of World’s revelations about his marriage problems, but “we were not aware of others,” prompting a special session. After that meeting, D’Souza told the magazine his engagement was on hold. King’s officials declined to comment further “until we complete this internal process.”

D’Souza and the former Dixie Brubaker met when he was a young policy aide and she was an intern in the Reagan White House. They married in 1992 and have one daughter.

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