Czarniak and Melvin in July. (Chris Abi-Najm/Moki Media)

UPDATED, 10/18: Read full story of their meeting and courtship in On Love: ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak and MSNBC’s Craig Melvin wed

Married: Former NBC-4 sweethearts Lindsay Czarniak, 33, and Craig Melvin, 32, in Washington Saturday. The telegenic duo, who met on the job here, have since moved north — she to join ESPN’s SportsCenter, he for a dayside anchor spot at MSNBC — but returned for their nuptials at Church of the Holy City. Reception at the Hay Adams. Rehearsal dinner at Lincoln. Our colleague Ellen McCarthy will have a full report later this week in On Love, so check back later.

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Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin engaged, 4/1/11