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Updated Wednesday

Well, who says big bloated concert tours can’t be fresh and spontaneous now and then? On Sunday night in Washington, Madonna stripped down and got some guy from the audience* to write “SEXY” on her bare back. But when she undressed during Monday’s Verizon Center show, she had already inked up: a tramp stamp reading “OBAMA.”

Just part of an oddball four-more-years pitch from the superstar. While Sunday’s show was apolitical, Monday’s audience got a three-minute Madonnalogue (captured on video) about the martyrdom of Lincoln and MLK Jr., culminating in a tribute to the incumbent. “Those kind human beings did not die for nothing! They fought for our freedoms! So y’all better vote for [expletive] Obama, okay?”

And then: “For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay?”

Er, you know he’s not Muslim, right? Or was this the famous Madonna sense of humor? Her rep did not get back to us. We’re told fans at the show mostly non-reacted to this bit of provocation because, you know — Madonna.

UPDATE, 9/26: Madonna says she was being ironic

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* Apparently, “some guy from the audience” was Mattias Sjogren of the Washington Capitals — who knew?

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